Custom quotes

Need Something Special Printed?

If you would like a custom quote, or help with your project, we will be glad to go over everything with you over the phone or in person. Quoting projects involves choosing paper, making sure files are correctly formatted, toner coverage, and much more.

Quotes Over the Phone

Quotes given over the phone difficult to do and are subject to change. 

This is because without seeing a file or picking the paper you would like, it is really difficult for us to do.

The best way to quote a custom project is for our customers to bring in a file on a flash drive, or email it to us at and then come in to look at a proof and pick up paper. This way there is no miscommunication! 

We Love to Help our Customers

If you are not sure how to proceed with a project or get "stuck", just give us a call! We will walk you through it. We have a graphic designer in-house that can help!

Let us put your ideas on paper!